Hi, my name is Katie and this is my very first blog so please be patient with me. I am by no means an excellent or even great writer but I will try my best. I am a single mom, my son was born in 2005, as well as a student and a baker. My son is my life and through him is how I discovered my passion and talent for baking. I started out by making chocolates when he was almost two years old and it was mostly to occupy my time after he would go to bed. Then
that progressed to baking, and I loved it so much that I started collecting recipes. After a while my family and friends were encouraging me to go back to college and pursue a baking degree. After a lot of thinking I decided that when my son started Kindergarten that I would go back to school, and that is exactly what I did. Since then I have been looking for new recipes and experimenting with them. My goal is to open a bakery in the York/Dover PA area (where I live). You can see what I am capable of making on my blog, my website, and my Facebook
Fan Page. I hope that you like what you see!

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