So I had a family picnic on Saturday at a log house with my whole family and a bunch of family friends that my Aunts, Uncles and Dad grew up with.
I always bring a dessert and this time I wanted to make something fun since it was a picnic and the weather was to be 77 degrees and sunny, in other words a gorgeous day! 

I chose to bake a cake and decorate it to resemble a watermelon, which also happens to be my son’s favorite summer snack, the watermelon not the
cake.  Anyway I wanted to make it different and not the usual. So I opted to make a 3 layer half circle cake with vanilla cake on the bottom and top and chocolate cake in the middle. I did a marble type effect for the three additional slices of 'watermelon.’ 
Once baked I let the cakes cool before cutting them, while they were cooling I tinted the vanilla whipped frosting three different colors. Red, Dark Green and Light Green, I left some white to dirty ice the cake. Once ready I piped the colors on to the cake and slices to make it look like watermelon. After it was frosted I used raisinets for the seeds. I was so happy that it turned out as nice as it did and it was a hit at the party!
6/24/2012 22:23:05

Sounds unique and looks different. I didn't try to have this before. But I'm interested doing it.


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