My son’s 7th brithday was February 20 and he asked me to make cupcakes for his 1st grade class. I of course told him that I would and when I asked him what kind he wanted he immediately said that he would like Tye Dye cupcakes. So we looked online and got a few ideas for the colors and got to work. I used Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange gel dye to color the vanilla cake batter as well as the vanilla buttercream frosting. It was fairly simple to do. I seperated the batter equally among 5 bowls and mixed the colors in. Baked them until done and
proceeded to work on the frosting. The frosting was a little bit trickier to get it to swirl but as you can see in the pictures I was able to do it! We were both
excited to see the finished product and my son couldn’t wait to try them. 

For his birthday party he made a more difficult request by asking me to make an iPod Touch cake! But I managed to do it. Although I wished it would have turned out better than it had but everyone from the parents to the children loved it.
5/8/2012 11:07:20

All this talk about cupcakes has really put me in the mood for some sweets


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