In light of the beautiful weather that we have been having at home (Dover, PA) I wanted to make a fun cake pop that was also refreshing. I opted to attempt lemon, orange and strawberry cake pops. The strawberry cake pops and orange cake pops had GREAT flavor but the tops didn’t rise enough to
be completely round. :-(
Orange Cake Balls
Strawberry Cake Balls
The lemon cake pops cooked perfectly! Once they were cooled I dipped the sticks in yellow chocolate and placed them in the cake balls. After that the cake pops went in to the freezer to get cold and hard. It is a lot easier to dip them in the chocolate when they are frozen versus roomtemperature. Once cold I started dipping them in yellow chocolate one by one and decorating them with white chocolate chips to look like a sun. Although looking at them now I’m not sure if they resemble a sun or a flower, I’ll let you be the judge. After all of the lemon cake pops hardened I put them in individual bags and tied a green ribbon around the base. They were then placed in mason jars filled with lemon heads and sugar shakers also filled with lemon heads.
I look forward to experimenting with the orange and strawberry some more until I can get them perfect! My goal with the orange is to get them to taste like a creamsicle or orange dream cake.

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