Yesterday my son turned 8 years old! So my boyfriend and I wanted to surprise him with a special evening. We took him out to dinner at a local place called Bogey Macaws in York PA.
Let me just say that if you live in the area you must go to Bogey's! The food was amazing and so was the service that we recieved. I had never been there before and was not sure what to expect. I was able to make reservations the day before and we were sat as soon as we arrived. After going over the 4 page menu and ordering our food I sent my son and our friend's daughter into the arcade to have some fun. The arcade was far enough away from the dining room that we didnt' hear it at all, and it was big enough that the kids were not bored at all. It was refreshing in a way because so many arcades are loud and obnoxious! The kids had a blast. Once the food came we all sat down to eat.
The next surprise I had in store for him was a special birthday cake. One of our all time favorite movies is Despicable Me! We just love the minions hehe and my son loves Oreos. So I spent all day while he was in school baking and decorating the cake. The finished product was a 10 inch round 4 layer Cookies n Cream cake with Cookies n Cream frosting for the minion and a Deep Chocolate cake with Cookies n Cream frosting for the minion's birthday cake. Both of the cakes were covered with my homemade Marshmallow Fondant. And while I didn't have time to do exactly what I wanted (yet again) I was able to finish it on time and make it look great. So good in fact that patrons and employees at Bogey Macaws would stop to look at and admire my cake. A few of them even walked away with my business card.  
The cake in the picture above is what I was aiming for. But as I said I did not have enough time to do all of the details that I would have liked. So the product below is what I accomplished.

This is what was left of the cake after everyone had a piece.

Kimberly Walker
8/1/2015 05:49:19

How much would you charge to make one just like that


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