WooHoo! Classes are finally over for the semester! So you may ask  what have I been doing that I was so busy that I wouldn’t post anything new to my blog? Well, I’ll tell you. I was spending my days catching up on house work that I had neglected while in classes. But yesterday I took a day off of cleaning and spent it baking and playing with different cake ball ideas.
I made Orange cake balls that I am hoping to create Orange Dream Cake balls with. I finally got the cake perfect! Next is to create the sweet whipped frosting to inject, yes inject, into the center of the cake ball. I also made French Toast donut holes, mmm they were so yummy. I couldn’t believe that they actually tasted like French toast, I even injected a few with syrup. 
I also experimented with something called an Ebelskiver, it is a Danish pancake. I made Lemon Blueberry and Milk & Cinnamon Ebelskivers. The
Milk & Cinnamon tasted a lot like the French toast cake balls but didn’t maintain their round shop like the French toast balls. I was less than happy with the Lemon Blueberry, they flattened in shape and smelled way to much like sour cream for my taste. I think I will try them again but with the lemon cake
pop recipe. I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures of the Ebelskivers, my boyfriend took them into work today. 

Now back to cleaning for a few days and then more baking. 

6/23/2012 09:23:59

It looks different. I read your blog you mention that you made orange cake balls, Sounds different.
I' m curious about the taste. Maybe it is delicious because of the unique taste. Love to try it at home.


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