In March I became aware of a benefit for the Leukemia &
Lymphoma Society called Cupcakes for a Cure. It was to be held at a local mall and included a lot of bakers and vendors for products like Eye Candy and Scentsy. There were amateur and professional bakers, we each had to provide 300 tasting pieces for the public, 6 regular size cupcakes for the judges and 6 regular size cupcakes for each of our displays. I chose to make an Apple
Cupcake with a Vanilla Bean Buttercream frosting. Getting the cupcake just right took a few attempts and the frosting, well let’s just say that I kept  adding vanilla bean paste until I felt it tasted like ice cream. I finally had the recipes perfect in just enough time to start baking 300 mini cupcakes and
12 regular size cupcakes. I chose to decorate the cupcakes with a red chocolate drop of blood, that is the LLS symbol on their website. Next was to figure out how to decorate my table. For that I looked to my mom for advice and boy did she have a great idea! She came up with the Americana theme that we used. The evening before the event my mom, stepdaughter, and I went and decorated the table. 

The day of the event was finally here and I was beyond nervous, especially when I was informed that I was being grouped with the professionals
and not the amateurs. I was/am in no way at the level of the other professionals but I did my best and smiled the whole time. Soon it was time for the judging and I had to speak into a microphone….I hate public speaking I get incredibly nervous! But I was also hopeful because of all of the compliments that I was receiving from the people that tried my cupcakes. 
At the end of the day, after 8 hours of biting my nails, greeting people, and talking about my cupcakes it was time for the winners to be
announced. The bakers were judged on taste and appearance.
 I won Best Overall Professional Cupcake!!!!!
 I couldn’t believe it, I did it!!!!! Oh yeah, my
cupcakes were called Apple Pie a la Mode :-)

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